At Pacific Trust Wealth Management we believe the best 401(K) retirement plan deliver low cost, asset class funds. Ideal strategies avoid market timing and de-emphasize strategies designed to attempt to “beat the market” through speculative security selection. Our plans offer a menu of index and index-like funds designed to provide well diversified positions, given participants’ personal risk levels. Asset allocation is important when considering volatility and returns. Accordingly, the Plan’s investment program should make available a variety of investment classes and diversified portfolio options.

With Pacific Trust’s 401(k) services, clients have access to educational advice that provides learning opportunities at every stage of the planning and contribution process.

  • Enrollment Meetings
  • Online Education
  • Written Materials
  • One-On-One Advice
  • Annual Review

With our 401(k) services, employees sleep well at night, confident in the simplicity, ease, clarity, efficiency, and effectiveness of their plan. Long term investing should not be complicated. In fact, it has been shown that simplicity often pays dividends in the long term with less buying and selling, and more patience and long term vision to ride out market movements.

We look forward to helping you with your retirement goals. And perhaps helping you define exactly what those goals should be.

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