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Mission Statement

Pacific Trust offers full service wealth management which includes investment, financial counsel, and multigenerational estate planning. Our goal is to provide clients straightforward answers and uncomplicated solutions. We are a boutique investment firm in California, and as such we deal directly with our clients and we never sell them products or services that involve a commission. All of our advice is unbiased and timely.

There is a large shift occurring in the financial industry today, upending long held practices at the major banks that put the institutions interests in front of their clients. We believe that the best results are achieved through long term value investing while keeping an eye on fees. We do not have relationships with any outside mutual funds and never buy funds with front end loads or excessive management fees.

Our clients have both their own long term goals in mind, as well as that of the next generations to come. Any investment plan must consider the different generations within family units, assisting with intergenerational wealth transfer decisions including estate planning, gifting, and education funding.

Ultimately, our firm will be successful if our clients are successful achieving their goals. And that can be measured both in the absolute returns on their investments, but also in our client’s ability to rest easy knowing their hard earned assets are being guided in an exceedingly efficient manner.

We look forward to working with you and earning your trust.

Mark Lechler