Investment Management

We offer a range of investment services covering both traditional and alternative asset classes, from equities, bonds and cash to hedge funds and real estate. We focus on constructing diversified asset allocations for our clients. Their portfolios typically include a blend of direct holdings, active and passive funds, structured products and ETFs.

Central to our investment approach is that we never sell financial products on a commission basis, but instead objectively source and select leading products for our clients based on performance and low fees. We are unbiased and are not under pressure to push in-house funds or solutions, instead the portfolio manager objectively analyzes potential solutions from our clients’ perspective, searching for fair pricing, attractive terms and the potential to produce strong risk-adjusted returns.

Pacific Trust Wealth Management (Investment Management Firm in California) offers active investment management and advice. We have the freedom to practice an active style of investment, within a controlled environment. At Pacific Trust, we don’t follow benchmarks or indices or spend time replicating the efforts of other analysts. Instead, our focus is on identifying global investment trends, cost efficient funds, products and securities for our clients.

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