Tax Planning

It is very important to consider income tax costs when managing taxable accounts. Pacific Trust Wealth Management providing efficient tax planning solutions in California, consider tax consequences through our customized individual account management. While tax issues alone should not drive investment decisions, we strive to realize net long-term capital gains, leading to tax efficiency and higher after-tax returns which are meaningful to investors.

Further, our view is that income tax optimization should be done in the context of overall tax planning and not limited to client investment portfolios. We work with our clients and their CPAs and can prepare quarterly income tax projections, build annual income tax models, review draft tax returns in order to assure accuracy, and design multi-year planning scenarios, to assure that investment and gifting strategies are implemented in the most beneficial manner.

We also work with our clients to examine the income tax consequences of retirement plan funding, retirement plan distributions, required minimum distributions, IRA and 401K Plan rollovers, and 529 plans. A complete range of possible charitable gifting alternatives is considered as well.

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