Algorithmic strategies developed along side the advancements in computer technologies over the past couple decades.  It is now assumed that the majority of trading volume on the world’s exchanges today are made up of computer, not human, traders.  If this all sounds a little intimidating, it shouldn’t.  These programs can often be used to add a more mechanical, disciplined and specific approach to investing.  Sometimes not having the element of emotions overwhelming difficult trading situations by using a well tested, thoroughly researched algorithm is a great approach for at least a portion of ones portfolio.

At Pacific Trust Wealth Management, we have partnered with programmers and helped develop strategies that seek to outperform certain indexes over the long run.  We are encouraged by the results and believe that for a small portion of ones portfolio, this makes a lot of sense.  We could even see expanding this offering in the near future.  We look forward to discussing this exciting area of the market.